Markus Mehta

Markus has devoted his life to being an ambassador for underground dance music and club culture. His obsession for electronic sounds stretches back to his youth and the course of his life was determined once bitten by the infectious rhythm of dance music. His desire to play, create, share and promote electronic music has always and will remain the focus of his energy.

Forward-thinking electronic music has always been at the center for Mehta, from techno and house and everything in between. His open-minded approach allows him to be versatile. No DJ set is ever the same and his sound can range from the deep house of Chicago and New York to the techno influences of Detroit and Berlin. As a producer, his production capture sensuous minimalism to rolling house flavors in exotic influences, a sound that he continues to evolve and infuse with a dedication to quality.

Mehta’s DJ travels have taken him to the techno clubbing meccas Berghain and Cocoon, two of the most prestigious venues in the world. He’s also logged miles touring at festivals and clubs across the world, from Europe and North America to Asia and Russia. Holding down a four year residency at Munich’s legendary Rote Sonne, he’s shared the DJ booth alongside the likes of Derrick May, Butch, Coyu, Gregor Tresher, Paul Ritch and many others.


Mehta’s approach to producing music is simple: quality not quantity. He carefully selects a succinct way to releasing his music versus flooding the market with a constant stream of meaningless releases. One of his most popular tracks to date was “Chaos Theory” on Kling Klong Records, which included a Rino Cerrone Remix. Both versions received heavy support from Richie Hawtin and Carl Cox. He’s also released projects on Brise, Under No Illusion, Loot Recordings, Smiley Fingers and Subjekt in the recent past.

Fast forward to today and Mehta is busy crafting new and exciting sounds. Above all else, he is committed to pushing his music forward, continuously exploring new ideas and evolving his style.