Markus Mehta - Wake Up

Mehta Audio

Release: 18.11.22

I have not released new music in quite some time. Although I have spent countless of hours in the studio creating. The music hasn’t made it out into the world for various reasons but mostly because I have not found the right home for it.

This is changing today! I am thrilled to present you the first outing on Mehta Audio - a playground for my own musical adventures and beyond.

While writing music a vision also forms in your head of how the piece should find its way to you the listener. This includes the artwork, communication, mastering and more. It all has to make sense - at least for me.

So this feeling of releasing “Wake Up” today is extra special and full of emotions!

Crisp and distorted high frequencies are the opening elements. “Wake Up” continues on with an expansive, sub-heavy bassline that was designed to rip apart club and festival dance floors. Other components of this composition include tripped-out, synthesized melodic fragments and choppy vocal chunks.

The track was exclusively sent to Richie Hawtin in the beginning of the summer 2022 for a special performance of his at the "Proof Of People NFT Festival" at Fabric in London. The performance featured unreleased tracks only. After that, "Wake Up" hasn't left Hawtin's rotation all season long. He has been rocking it at Il Muretto (Jesolo), Nitsa (Barcelona), Dreambeach Festival (Almeria) and beyond.

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